Moringa Oleifera Feeding Programme

Through your purchases we provide powdered Moringa into the Peace and Hope Trust's Feeding Programme in Bluefields, Nicaragua. The programme has been in place for over 15 years and regularly feed 100 children who's families survive from a mixture of manual labour, such as rock breaking to working on the rubbish dump. 


Bluefield's Feeding Programme at work

 The scheme is run day in day wth one square meal a day our and administered by our church partners. Other provisions are in place too, such as oral care, basic hygiene, and medical visits from the UK. 

Every meal provided will have a good portion of Moringa added just before severing. This brings all the wonderful health benefits of Moringa, improves their health protecting them from malnutrition and associated poor diet diseases as well as help them get through the day. We have evidence that children are better behaved and concentrate more at school.

Adding Moringa to food just before it is served

School is vital in Bluefields as children grow up fast and by the age of 10 they could be taken out of school, to look after their younger siblings. This only aids a continual cycle of poverty that plagues the communities here, by having daily Moringa in their food, kids are learning faster and due to improved health are in school more. The benefits are grass routes and we hope to see the long term improvement of the community over the years to come.

Richard, entertaining the kids whilst the eat

You can contribute directly to the feeding programme  through a donation to Peace and Hope or you can continue to buy the same Moringa we provide for free to the feed programme on our site.

We don't just give powdered Moringa to kids of course. Their families are also being provided with Moringa trees for fresh Moringa leaves in their other meals.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Otherwise checkout on google maps where our programme operates below. If you switch to satellite mode you can see the homes of the families who visit the programme.