Organic Trade and Bulk Moringa Orders from the UK

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Interested in stocking premium quality Moringa Harvest products, or buying organic Moringa in bulk? Then you have come to the right place. We are the official European distributor for Jacobo Arguello's Organic Moringa Farm, Leon Nicaragua, one of the largest organic farms in the world.
Jacobo on farm

(Above Jacobo on the farm with young Moringa trees)

All our Moringa products are 100% organic and suitable for vegans, the farm and Moringa Harvest Ltd are certified as such, no GMO, chemicals or 'Gamma Irradiation' is used. The leaves are air oven dried at 40ºC keeping the nutrients and live enzymes intact and increasing the value of vitamins and nutrients. The result is that the leaf powder we sell is 100% bioavailable and absorbable. Documentation is available on request and our organic certificate can be viewed here

The added benefit is that you can help cure malnutrition in Nicaragua, by selling our dried Moringa Leaf Powder in your shop or by buying in raw bulk. Your sales will see kids grow up strong and healthy, and healthy kids stay in school longer! You will also help in the planting of Moringa trees for the poorest families giving them new life and health.
Moringa Farm

(Above, our Moringa trees growing on the plains of Leon, in a fantastic climate and excellent soil conditions) 

Whether you are after a few tubs for your shop or a 2000kgs we are able to fulfil all order size. However we have a few requirements to become a stockist or to buy powder in bulk:

  • You must be within continental Europe
  • Bulk powder orders stat at 5kg
  • Tub orders start at 10 tubs for regular stockists
  • You can request unlabelled tubs and sell them under your own brand but you will not retain organic status unless you are organic certified
  • We require all payments in advance 
  • Shipping will be quoted on a custom basis
  • Shipping times depend on your order size and availability not the farm, we can ship most orders from the UK but large orders will come from the farm
    We are happy to talk to you about your requirements, to express your interest please fill in the form below.