Cheap Moringa

Don't buy cheap Moringa!

There is a very noticeable difference in quality. Please read through the information below to understand what makes our Moringa leaf powder superior and top quality. 

What we do!

  • Ensure our leaves are fresh and clean
  • Our Moringa is 100% organic, vegan and vegetarian
  • Our Moringa is oven dried slowly at 40ºc (This locks the nutrient content in, other processes significantly destroy nutrients)
  • Our Moringa reaches the processing facility within 10 minutes of being harvested
  • We farm and trade fairly and ethically
  • Our processing facility is on site
  • Our Moringa products are FDA approved
  • Our Moringa products are tested and sampled constantly as part of a rigorous quality control process by an independent US Government approved laboratory.
  • 10% of your order provides Moringa trees to the poorest people in Nicaragua to end malnutrition 
  • We show you every part of our process, and are open about everything we do

What we don't do!

  • No Gamma Radiation used to kill bacteria. (essentially destroys the Moringa leaf's nutritional content at the same time)
  • No genetically modified seeds
  • No composting of Moringa Leaves
  • No pesticides 
  • No chemical preservatives 
  • No long rides from field to processing
  • No leaving the Moringa leaves in the sun with insects decomposing
  • No overcooking or rapid industrial drying

Can I tell the difference?

Yes! You can smell the difference, other Moringa products smell like compost! our Moringa is pure and contains locked in freshness, we ensure all the nutrients are locked in and are not degraded by rapid industrial process, chemicals or sun drying. You will not get the benefits you need from inferior Moringa leaf products.

Can I see the whole Moringa harvesting and drying process for myself?

Yes, please have a look at the below video!