Moringa Videos

Since our last video update a there has been significant progress in Moringa tree planation and distribution of leaf powder at the kids feeding programme. The 2015 Peace and Hope Trust summer team video update will be available at the end of the summer. 

The 2013 update from our Bluefields operations and see our processing facility where your Moringa comes from!


See how our Moringa is Harvested and why it is organic and fresher then any other Moringa powder on the market.



Checkout the latest news from our farm in Nicaragua where fresh organic Moringa is farmed and dried within 10 minutes of harvesting without the use of any pesticides like most Moringa products.

2012 Moringa 02 HD from Batfish Media Limited on Vimeo.

Below are two more videos, the first one is an introduction to Moringa and the second one is a 2012 update.

Video: Introduction to Moringa


Video: 2012 Moringa Update