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Moringa News - Independent collective data on Moringa nutritional values 

Bill Gates Foundation works on Moringa

BBC - Using tree food recipes to fight off malnutrition 6th April 2013

BBC - Trees are 'Crucial Famine Food' 4th August 2009

BBC - Fighting Hunger in Niger 14th June 2012

Eco-Business - Moringa and Global Demand April 9th 2023

Trees For Life - International Charity

Clinical Research

Natural News The Miracle Tree 20th November 2007

Oil Voice: BBA Identifies Factors Limiting Adoption & Use of Moringa for Agricultural Development & Biodiesel Production. 22nd May 2013

Triple Pundit - Moringa – The Superfood That Could Alleviate Hunger in Developing Regions 14th May 2013

The Telegraph Superfoods: are chia seeds and goji berries really good for you? 30th September 2013