Moringa and Teeth Health

What can Moringa do for my Teeth

Our dried Moringa powder is rich in the nutrients your body needs for healthy teeth, it contains 40.06mg of Calcium, 7.36mg of Magnesium, and 26.48mg of Potassium per 2g serving of Moringa. For Calcium alone that's 17 times the Calcium of Milk (dry gram for gram comparison). These nutrients are essential for healthy teeth and along side Manganese, Boron and Vitamin D, play a vital role in preventing poor teeth and gums health.

Many chronic diseases are a result of poor nutritional health, all of us should protect our teeth today, with a health diet, regular visits to the dentist and of course brushing and flossing. Once tooth decay sets in,  it is irreversible, not only destroying your smile but leading to other complications which will adversely affect your life. 


What are Moringa Harvest doing to help promote good oral health in Nicaragua?

First and foremost we distribute Moringa trees to the most needy families in Nicaragua. We teach them about the health benefits and how often they need to consume the fresh Moringa leaves. For children on the Peace and Hope Trust Feeding programme we put dried Moringa powder in their daily hot meal. The Trust also tech kids about brushing teeth and distribute tooth paste and tooth brushes, all sourced from the UK.

During the winter months the Peace and Hope Trust send out a team of dentists to perform surgery, from fillings to extractions the team work for up to two weeks across remote parts of the country.  


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