Moringa Weight Loss Benefits

How can Moringa help me loose weight?

Losing weight requires dedication, a balanced diet, and regular exercise, the results are worth it! Moringa can help your body's metabolism aiding weight loss but Moringa leaf powder in itself does not cause weight loss by burning fat, and therefore, should not be used solely as a weight loss measure. However it does assist in producing natural energy without sugar and enacts a change in the way the body produces fat.  

Moringa naturally suppresses hunger, it increases and controls the body's metabolism and nourishes it with a nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants naturally and without side effects. 

Moringa, can increase the body's metabolism, burning more calories. The glucosinolates present in Moringa breakdown into isothiocyanates in the body, some of which are absorbed in the intestines.

The 92 nutrients in Moringa can help lower blood sugar levels by stopping sugars from being turned into new fat cells. Methionine found in Moringa is known to absorb fat and cholesterol aiding in burning belly fat naturally.

The B vitamins in Moringa leaves also helps digestion and conversion of foods to energy and increases metabolism. When the body absorbs whole food source vitamins, proteins and fibre without the calories, studies tend to show a weight loss.

Moringa aides weight loss

How much Moringa should I take as part of a weight loss diet and programme?

In terms of consumption, you should always start with half a teaspoonful a day and then gradually work your way up to at least 1 teaspoonful a day. We recommend you do not exceed 4 teaspoons a day. You should be aware that in the beginning you may experience some stomach upset as your body detoxifies and gets used to the purity of Moringa, which is why we recommend starting off on a small dose. We would always be interested to hear how you get on with Moringa and weight loss, so do keep a diary and let us know!

Many people have already benefited from weight loss assisted by Moringa and you can read a personal blog here: