Moringa Powder vs Moringa Capsules November 13, 2016 17:20

To mark the launch of our new combo deal, we thought it be worthwhile taking an honest look at the pros and cons, for both you and us, of using powder or capsules.

First of all, you should know, that of course there is no difference in the Moringa between each product. They both contain Moringa Oleifera Powder. 

Combo Pack of Moringa Powder and Capsules

Why the combo deal in the first place?

For a while we have sold multipacks of each in batches of three. Buying these multipacks gets you a little discount. This is us simply passing on the savings we make buy selling in larger quantities. As you know we are not in this for profit so you get a great deal when buying more. As an aside if you wanted even larger quantities then do ask, we are always happy to strike a deal. 

Having both Moringa capsules and powder in your cupboard at home lets you choose how best to take Moringa on a daily basis. If you take Moringa Powder with your cereal in the Morning or pop some in your smoothie, then you will have a habit to make sure you're getting the goodness every day. But what if you travel a lot or go on holiday, then you can't always add it so easily to your food. That's when we think you need a tub of capsules, for that occasional use to maintain your intake. Just slip it in your bag, don't worry about adding powder to your food and just take a couple of capsules instead. 

If you and others in your household prefer different ways of consuming Moringa, then buying a combo pack can save you money. That's why we are offering two different packs with different levels of savings; one with two tubs of capsules and one with just one. Perhaps your other half doesn't like to have Moringa powder in their food everyday but still wants the benefits. Having a stash of capsules in the house will allow you to maintain a regular dose with different preferences.

Keeping Moringa Fresh at Home

Did you know our Moringa has a naturally long shelf life? It will last up to two years from when it is tubbed, the date is stamped on the bottom of the tubs. The good news is that you can afford to store your Moringa in our safe airtight containers for a long time and not loose the goodness inside. So when you are buying a combo pack you don't need to worry about using it up at different rates. The 200g tub gives one person around 100 days supply whilst the 120 x 400mg tub can last one person between a month to two months.

Pros and Cons


200g Moringa Powder

120 x 400mg Moringa Capsules 

Easy to take
Easy to add to food
Long shelf life
Vegan & vegetarian 
Organic certified
Free from: wheat, gluten, lactose, added sugars, colours, flavours, preservatives,
Take on the go 
Easily measured dosage
Value for money per gram Higher Lower
Free from taste
Make your own products. e.g Moringa chocolate!
Recyclable packaging 
Travel secure packaging 
Easy to manage for those with disabilties 
Added to daily pill boxes
Sports friendly