Moringa - Frequently Asked Questions

How many days' supply do I get in one tub?

How do I consume Moringa powder?

How many grams of Moringa powder can I take a day?

Why is your Moringa more expensive than others I have seen online?

Do you have a UK organic certificate?

Yes we are certified by Organic Farmers and Growers UK

Do you have a phone number?

Is Moringa a medicine?

Is there any difference between the powder and the capsules?

How many Moringa capsules can I take a day?

Is Moringa a novel food?

Moringa is not a novel food in Europe.

The UK Food Standards Agency says: "The status of this product on the EC catalogue is currently uncertain. Our records indicate that Moringa leaves and pods are not a novel food. Moringa pods (known as ‘drumsticks’) are readily available in the UK and are consumed by the UK Asian population. The drumsticks are eaten cooked and the flesh and seeds (if they are soft) are scooped out and eaten, while the drumstick casing is discarded."

Can you supply in smaller packages?

We only sell Moringa Powder in 200g tubs and 120 x 400mg capsules because this works outs the most cost efficient for you. At 100g the cost of production is higher and as our Moringa has a naturally long shelf life (without the use of preservatives) there is no need to sell little and often. It works out better value for you to buy 200g in the long run then to buy a marginally cheaper 100g tubs, let alone the added shipping costs and impact on the environment. 

Is Your Packaging Recyclable?

Yes our tubs are made from plastic PP5 which can be recycled as part of your normal household recycling. We also used where possible recycled paper and packaging for sending your goods.  After all our teams have worked with families living off of rubbish dumps for  years and it is not a pleasant site. We want to reuse as much as we can.

Why do you use tubs and not sachets?

Sachets are all the rage right now, we don't use them because they are handle to handle on a daily basis when measuring teaspoons from. They also have a tendency puff powder into the air as you open them. And as with many soft plastics and foil can leach chemicals into the product inside. Our rigid tubs are great for the shelf life of our Moringa Powder. 

Where are you capsules encapsulated?

This takes place in the UK by an organic certified encapsulator. 

Can you ship to my country?

The agreement with Jacobo is that we only sell in Europe. That's the continent and the European Union! We do not ship outside of Europe or the EU

Can I visit your farm?

We get asked this a lot! Yes you can but we would like it if you came with is on a quarterly Peace and Hope Trust Visit, please do get in touch and volunteer with us!

Can I Get Involved in the Work You Do?

We would love it if you came out to Nicaragua with our Peace and Hope Trust Team. We run medical trips in the winter and building projects in the spring and summer. Anyone from the age of 16 up is welcome. If you have  a particular skill in medicine, engineering, construction, farming, counselling or even an interest in social science and policy we would always been keen to use your skills to help the work in Nicaragua. 

Is you Moringa Free from fillers, gluten, wheat, lactose, added sugars, flavours and preservatives?


Why is your Moringa Oleifera "Premium"?

There is a lot of information on this site about how our Moringa is produced. We know we make the best Moringa on the market. We have tested the rest many don't have the same nutritional values as us. Find out more on our site but start here. We are not in the business of scare stories, you should be aware that you typically get what you pay for, and our strict controls means there is NOTHING but Moringa leaf matter in our Moringa and it is dried within 10 minutes of harvesting. 

Who Certifies Moringa Harvest

Organic Growers and Farmers in the UK certify us for the whole of the European Union. Be careful of other people claiming to be organic, we recently found people selling on the internet using OUR certificate for their products. Cheeky!? Worse that's plain fraud so who knows what else they get up to!

Do You Sell Moringa Tea?

Not yet, as nice as it is, if you are looking for getting some nutrition out of Moringa Tea, your best to just to have the powder on its own. Nutritional values of any organic product start to break down at  high temperatures. 

Do You Sell Moringa Oil?

If you keep buying lots of powder from us, then one day we hope to bring in oil. So not yet.

Do you Sell Moringa Seeds?

No and there are restrictions about this.

Do You Want to Buy Moringa From Me? / Can I be Your Supplier?

We farm our own Moringa and we are a social enterprise, we do not sell Moringa for profit. Every part of our process, (where feasible) is in place to help and serve the people of Nicaragua, where the Peace and Hope Trust have been operating for several decades. Our primary focus and strict quality control means we will not consider buying Moringa from anyone else.