Our Mission is simple...

...end Malnutrition


A Little Background

We are a UK Christian Social Enterprise. We know that Moringa Leaf Powder is life changing for the poorest people in the world and the comparatively rich. Read through our website to see what organic Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder can do.

What we do in Nicaragua

 Plant Moringa Trees: Buy seeds and saplings grown in Nicaragua and distribute them to the poorest families we work with.

• Educate: Teach people especially children about the importance of a well balanced diet including the benefits of the whole Moringa tree.

 Feeding program: Include ready to consume Moringa products in our Children's Feeding Program.

• Buy Back Seeds: From the trees we distribute free of charge to Nicaraguan families, will buy back seeds and ultimately use them for further distribution.

What we do in the UK and EU

• Import: We import Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder from our organic farm in Nicaragua.

• Sell: We currently sell two Moringa Leaf Powder products in the UK and EU.

• Inform: As Moringa is relatively unheard of in the West we have the challenge of telling people about the benefits of Moringa.

• Social Enterprise: The profits generated from the sales of our products go back planting Moringa trees for the poorest families in Nicaragua.

Want to know more? Have a watch of our video below.

Video: Introduction to Moringa