Premium Organic Moringa Loose Leaf Powder (200g) (Stock Clearance)


The best before date on this batch is  end of January 2018. 

Best before dates are a legal requirement and are not the same as a 'Use Before Date'. Due to our drying process and unique production methods, you can continue to use our Moringa powder long after the best before date.  However we have reduced the price down from £17.99 to £10.

Moringa Harvest Leaf Powder comes in tubs of 200g and is produced from the finest, freshest Moringa Oleifera from Nicaragua, Central America. Consuming this nutrient rich powder will increase the nutritional profile of the individual, raise the immune system, increase the metabolism rate, lower cholesterol and triglycerides and provide an overall feeling of wellness. Our Moringa leaf powder is 100% organic and as rich as the day it was harvested on our farm in Nicaragua.

The Ultimate Superfood
The single most nutritious food source on the planet 
100% Vegetarian / Vegan*
100% Organic & pure Moringa Leaf Powder

Benefits of Using Powder

  • Easy to add to any food, from cereals and smoothes to stews and roasts*
  • Easy for the whole family to take as part of a meal
  • Long shelf life, when stored correctly
  • Excellent value for money per gram
  • Teaspoons are an easy way of measuring your intake
  • 100 days supply for one person

* You should add boring powder after the meal has been cooked as high temperatures will reduce nutritional content.

Research has proven that Moringa Leaf Powder contains:

  • 9 Essential Immune System Boosting Amino Acids
  • Both Omega 3 & Omega 6 Fatty Acids
  • 46 Different Antioxidants- Slows down the ageing process
  • 36 Anti-inflammatories – Reduces swelling
  • 17 x More Calcium than Milk – Supports healthy bones
  • 10 x More Vitamin A than Carrots – Increases immune function and vision
  • 25 x Iron of Spinach 
  • 15 x Potassium of Bananas – better nerve function, control of muscles, maintenance of normal blood pressure, protective effect against hypertension
  • 9 x Protein of Yogurt

Click here for a full list nutrients and quantities.

99% of vitamins supplements are synthetic and not easily absorbed by the body, while Moringa is proven scientifically the world over and the results are miraculous.


*Our Moringa capsules are free from wheat, gluten, lactose, added sugars, colours, flavours & preservatives and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.



Why buy from us?

  • 150 Local Nicaraguan people are employed on our farm
  • 10% of our profits go back to the poorest people in Nicaragua to provide them with free Moringa Trees
  • Our leaves are harvested in the best mountain conditions and processed for drying within 10 minutes
  • We oven dry our leaves on our farm at 40c
  • Our Moringa is 100% Organic and there is next to no nutritional loss from harvest to delivery
  • Freshest Moringa on the market (No composting or lengthy bike rides in hot sun)


What's wrong with cheap Moringa?

  • Cheap Moringa is compost!
  • Read our cheap Moringa FAQ which gives the information you need to make the right choice
  • The general rule of thumb is: "If it smells like compost, it is compost"
  • We only distribute the highest quality Moringa to fight malnutrition in Nicaragua, we have no time for cheap poor quality or GM Moringa.


How do I use Moringa Powder?

Start the day by sprinkling half a teaspoonful onto your breakfast cereal, add it to any other dish, sauce or salad, or even stir into your smoothie or hot chocolate drink. Just try out how you like it best!
Moringa Harvest Leaf Powder is a 100% pure product and as your body gets used to its wonderful benefits you may wish to increase your usage to 1 level teaspoonful per day (2g).


How many days supply do I get?

  • 200g Powder Tub = 100 days at 2 grams a day (1 teaspoon a day)
  • We recommend you do not exceed 2 teaspoons / 4g a day