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Get up close on the Moringa farm June 18, 2016 12:09

How often do you get to visit a real Moringa farm? I am guessing not often, as Moringa grows best in the tropics and unlike vineyards and Scottish whisky distilleries they are hardly on the tourist trail! 

Moringa being cut and harvested by hand

We have, almost, the next best thing! In 2013 we released a video showing our farm partner near Leon in Nicaragua. However since then the farm has grown employing hundreds of people, growing tens of thousands of trees and producing the finest organic Moringa we know of. Working with our farmer is a special relationship, born of a shared vision, to help fellow Nicaraguans. Yes the farm itself is a commercial venture and we ourselves a social enterprise, however the farm gives saplings for our own smaller farm in Matagalpa which in turn produce saplings for free distribution. 

Harvesting Moringa by Hand

The farm also produces the Moringa powder which we sell online here, but giveaway in our feeding programmes in Bluefields, Nicaragua for kids. As you will see in some of our videos and photos the kids range from all ages and on the man feeding programme we support upwards of 50 children. 

Moringa Feeding Programme

Above: you should recognise the white pot our volunteer is holding, it's the same we sell here in the UK, Powdered Moringa goes into every meal at the feeding programme.

All the farming is done by hand, the Moringa is harvested, processed and de-stemed by hand, the mild air ovens and the powderising machine are the only mechanical process the high quality organic Moringa goes through 

Moringa being loaded onto a tractor

Above: Workers collect the harvest Moringa and pack into the back of a tractor, some 30 mins later it will have been processed locking in the nutrients.

Moringa processing

Above: Workers stripping the Moringa of stems and making it ready for drying.

Once the Moringa is dried it is powdered ready for shipment to the UK and potted up  or encapsulated here in the UK.