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The Miracle of Moringa - A cure on the doorstep of the malnourished August 26, 2016 09:08

Moringa Trees grow in fantastic locations around the world, and with a little education, can improve global health for those most in need. For those who know Moringa and its seemingly miraculous properties, it is no wonder that this tree also grows, almost exclusively, in areas of the world suffering from high levels of malnutrition. A tree that grows on the door step and cures malnutrition amongst countless other benefits, right where it is most wanted, unbelievable! 

Why does it seem unbelievable? Because our well trained corporate mindset of the modern western world says, it can't be that good or else I would have heard about it by now. Well follow the money, we are not going to get rich from selling Moringa, and I doubt others are either. But business can get rich from selling patented medicines!  Far from it to say that there is a global conspiracy going on, more endemic global greed and its washed up consequences. The point is, that by the malnourished sick and lame eating the products of the Moringa tree, they can be healed from many of their afflictions for next to nothing. So in this case don't follow the money, health grows on trees.


Why hasn't someone done something already?

I hear you cry, well they have, but like many good news stories it doesn't make good column inches. News today is about drama, horror, terror and the occasional heroes. An innocuous tree growing in a someone's garden on the sub-continent in a village which no one has ever heard of, with villagers picking leaves off it to put on their rice and beans, isn't going to sell.

Having said that though, if you look there are dozens of articles out there about just this sort of thing happening, but you have to search, and it won't be front page stuff. Have a look at this article on Moringa in Zambia  and similarly this one from Haiti 

Some time ago, I was flying to Nicaragua as a volunteer for the Peace and Hope Trust and to go and see the Moringa for myself.  Either by Twitter of Facebook, our project caught the attention of Philippe Barragne-Bigot, we arranged to meet in Managua Airport shortly after I landed. Philippe, a serious and exceptionally experienced man works for UNICEF and was currently working in Nicaragua on child development programmes with a considerable team. He told me a story of his previous role in DR Congo where they had experimented with giving out Moringa for free and teaching families how to use and consume it. He said the results were incredible and they had a high success rate of curing malnutrition, all for next to nothing. He wanted to do a similar thing in Nicaragua and was looking for a partner in the Peace and Hope Trust.

The great thing for us was that, here was living testimony from a reputable agency. It's one thing for us saying its great go buy it and helps save lives. But here was someone with resources, from human to scientific, they conducted studies which we just do not have the resources to do. We rely on trust and faith, and as we also don't work in the sceptical western world we can can build trust with whom communities, were simplicity and honesty go a long way and where people are willing to try! That means we can make big inroads with Moringa. But we can only do that if we build trust with you, our customers and quite simply you buy Moringa from us. Sure the feeding programme won't stop and we will still be able to give out trees if we don't sell anything but we can increase scales if we do.

There are lots of Moringa products out there now, but none have a feeding programme, tree distribution and education programme behind them. Our Moringa processes have to be the best else it just doesn't have the same impact on the ground. 

So Moringa programmes like ours can be run all over the impoverished world and we are pleased to say we are not the only ones doing it. There are a dozen small charities out there like ours working our at the edges. nibbling into the core of the problem and demonstrating to the world that most of what you need grows on trees.


Show me the map!

The good folk at Trees for Life have produced a very good map, which we use on our printed literature. Play a quick game of spot the difference below and you'll see how the world can be changed!


Countries where Moringa grows


Above:  green square Countries where Moringa grows


Countries with 5-35% of population are malnourished


Above red square Countries with 5-35% of population malnourished