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What does Brexit mean for Moringa Harvest? July 23, 2016 18:00

You've probably all heard about Brexit, the UK's vote to the leave the EU, but you've probably not thought about what that means for small social enterprises like us.  We've been giving it some thought and have come to the conclusion that whilst there are challenges ahead, there are also opportunities. 

The immediate effect right now, has been the drop in the value of Sterling against Euro and therefore the cost of Moringa for those living in the Eurozone, so for those living in:

Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain.

You can pick up Moringa Harvest leaf powder for €21.50 and capsules for €19.10 or even less if you buy in batches of three! That's a saving of between €2-3 euros on single tubs and even more on batches.  So we're setting our sights high on the export market and looking to Europe for out future growth.

Of course the challenges are different, we are currently organic certified under EU regulations and display the EU organic symbol on our packaging. At this point in time we don't know what the future will hold. Will there be trade barriers to the EU? Meaning we still have to have the same certificate or will the UK have its own certificate which could be more competitively priced further reducing our product price. 

These days everyone wants organic certification and whilst our products have always been organic, the certification added a big cost to our operations. For a small business such as ours it means many man hours and a hefty bill which of course we have to pass on to our customers. We would welcome any reductions to this but it is unlikely as EU trade laws as they stand mean anyone exporting from outside the EU into it must have EU certification. I doubt the UK would get a special deal there, it is unlikely to be on the top of the trade negotiations. 

With all said and done, we don't expect much change, but we won't know more for 2-3 years when negotiations are over. I have a sneaky suspicious Brexit will mean the UK just looses its seat at the negotiating table, but still has access to the single market and still pumps in billions of pounds to prop up the EU machine.  Like all business we will adapt.