Planting Moringa June 4, 2016 15:45

A team from the UK visits Bluefields on the East coast of Nicaragua four times a year as part of the Peace and Hope Trust programme. Whilst their main focus is on local infrastructure, facilities and skills development. There is always time to  get involved in the Moringa saplings planting project. 

Planting Moringa seeds

A handle full of Peace and Hope Trust local workers have given up parts of their 'gardens' to a Moringa nursery. As Moringa grows so fast in these climates they are able to grow several large batches a year. Whilst the saplings are distributed locally year round as in need families are identified. They are distributed on a wider and larger scale by the UK teams. Moringa Nursery


Pictured is one of our long term local workers, Nadine, selecting saplings for planting, his modest wooden 2 room house behind him. He gives up his spare time and land, raising Moringa saplings, to help his fellow people and spreads the word in the community. In turn your support of our Moringa products and donations to the Peace and Hope Trust make this possible. 






As a lot of UK teams are regulars, visiting once or twice  a year for many years they are able to witness first hand  not only the fast growth of the tree, which will provide enough leaves for a family to take from daily but also the health benefits it has on them.

Planted Sapling after a few weeks

Above a young girl who lives with her mum and sister on the road to the rubbish dump and not far from the Verbeo school inspected her Moringa tree which is a several weeks old. The animals love Moringa and in the early stages the trees need to be protected from dogs, cats, and cattle, that's often why trees don't have so much low level vegetation.  

The benefits of the project - just a few leaves each day are enough to supplement a family's diet to help with a long list of human conditions, most commonly malnutrition here but so much more!

You can find out about some of benefits on our website, others, we are prohibited from mentioning in the EU due to restrictions originating from the pharmaceutical companies! Who really don't want you to know too much about Moringa. But you can do your own research into academic papers, UNICEF, charities operating outside the EU, newspapers from all over the world and even from the Gates foundation!