Moringa Oleifera Seeds and Drumsticks July 10, 2016 11:21

Seeds from Moringa are amongst the most versatile and beneficial seeds on the planet, and before we go into just why that is, we should say we are unable to import seeds from the farm and sell them in the UK at present. Sorry!

The seeds grow on a drumstick and are supple as they grow but when picked become dry, turning from green to grey / white. The drumstick could be compared to a large pea pod, as you can see in the pictures below.  The Moringa drumstick itself has fantastic health benefits and can be eaten as it is, steamed or boiled and some even roast it. But to preserve nutrients we recommend steaming. 

Moringa Seed Drumstick on Tree

Whilst the benefits of our Moringa powder are derived from the leaf matter, the rest of the tree also provides similar health benefits. The Moringa seeds contain antioxidant benefits, Vitamin A, B, C and can remove free radicals from the body. They also reduce the quantity of oxidised lipids which is beneficial for the health of your heart. 

Moringa seeds fresh from the tree

If you were to look at your own research online, you will find mention of claims regarding certain illnesses which under UK / EU law we are unable to discuss here. But we advise you to do extensive research of your own simply by searching for articles on Moringa Seed.

Moringa seeds contain zinc, which effectively regulates insulin levels in the body ensuring the bloodstream sugar levels are normal.  This is beneficial for those with diabetes. 

Dried Moringa Seed Pods

The seeds are also high in protein and will easily fulfil the body's daily requirement for amino acids. The oleic acid in the seed is good cholesterol reducing the levels of cholesterol and potentially preventing blood clots and other cardiovascular health issues. They also contain calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, and more.  

While we may not be able to benefit directly from the seeds here in the UK at the moment, the families that we support in Nicaragua can. The trees we plant in people's homes soon provide seeds and we have taught them how to prepare and to eat them, before the animals do!

The current trend for super foods that help your appearance has lead to the promotion of Moringa seed for better skin and hair but we see it as more than that. We see it as part of quality of life and stopping malnutrition. So if you see Moringa Seed extract in a beauty and health shop just remember it can do more than make you hair nourished and strong, it can do that for your whole body!